Windmill Cafe

Grand Opening Monday, September 18, 2017

1604 W. 9th St., Clifton, TX 76634


Cafe Hours

Monday-Friday 7am to 2pm
Lunch Served 11am to 2pm
Drinks will be available the remainder of the day

More than a cafe?

What makes Windmill more than a cafe is that we will provide programming for those who are 55 or better. Programming will include opportunities such as exercise classes, art instruction, educational speakers, musical entertainment, basic computer help, and so much more.

Click here to view our Sept/Oct Programming Booklet! 

Why a windmill?

The windmill is a symbol of continuous movement, energy, resourcefulness and perseverance. Deeply rooted in the soil, the windmill stands strong through the occasional storm and reflects its lasting beauty and wisdom, even when weathered, to those who may pass by. Its ability to transform wind into energy, year after year, symbolizes our ability to age successfully. The windmill symbolizes our need to continue to use our mind, keep our body active, stay social and be spiritually balanced. Welcome to the Windmill Café, where successful aging in our mission.