Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to live at Lutheran Sunset Ministries?

To be a resident of Rainbow Retirement Community, which is considered independent living, the minimum age requirement is 62 for single applicants. For couples, only one spouse need be 62. For College Hill Assisted Living, Sunset Home, Hospice Sunset, and Sunset Companion Services there is no age requirement for residency or services.

Do you have to be a Lutheran to reside at Lutheran Sunset Ministries?

Residency at Lutheran Sunset Ministries programs is not determined by a person’s religious preference. However, LSM is a faith-based organization and maintains a covenant affiliation with the Lutheran Church which means we share core values and guiding principles.

Can I use long-term care insurance at LSM?

A simple answer is yes if the policy allows. Long-term care insurance varies greatly. The contract is between you and the insurer and the policy usually offsets costs related to residency in a healthcare environment (nursing facility) or an assisted living facility.

Are pets allowed at LSM?

Pets are allowed in the apartments at Rainbow Retirement Community with a security deposit. Pets are not allowed to live at College Hill Assisted Living or Sunset Home, but they are allowed to visit.

How do I know which program is right for me?

The admission and management staff of all the programs are well versed in providing guidance when it comes to making decisions about placement. During an information interview LSM staff will ask and answer questions to help you and/or your family make an appropriate decision. It is important that your selection meets your needs allowing you to focus on those things that are important in your life.

Why should I consider leaving my own home for LSM?

LSM is a community of its own offering a variety of opportunities for the retirement lifestyle. LSM focuses on providing the support that individuals may need to maximize their enjoyment in life, to free up their time to focus on those activities important to them, and to minimize the concerns in maintaining property.