Successful Aging

puzzleThe breakthrough book, Successful Aging, was published in 1998 as the results of a comprehensive study on aging by the prestigious MacArthur Foundation. The study concludes that successful aging is dependent upon one’s intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual health—all the factors necessary for living long and living well. This concept laid the foundation for much of the holistic programming incorporated into senior living communities today.

With a focus on wellness and quality of life, Sunset incorporates all the tenets of successful aging into everything we do in order to help our residents achieve optimal health—intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually.

Masterpiece Living logoIn fact, we’ve partnered with Masterpiece Living, a nationally-known company and direct descendant of the MacArthur Foundation study, to maximize the potential of our residents. “Come Cruise the Sunset Isles” is the theme of customized Masterpiece Living programs designed to enhance the aging experience while promoting the idea of aging successfully at Sunset.


LeadingAgeWe are also a member of LeadingAge, a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization focused on education, advocacy and applied research. For the past 50 years, their mission has been to make America a better place to grow old.

We offer social programs, group activities and events, entertainment programs, volunteer opportunities, spiritual activities and fitness and wellness programs.

“Our values at Lutheran Sunset Ministries are that we take care of the whole person. We partner with Masterpiece Living in order to do that and to focus on the four aspects of wellness—the spiritual, the physical, the social and the intellectual. In everything we do now, we try to encompass one of those four concepts into our activities and into the things we challenge residents with to help them live a fuller life.” ~Rodney Rueter, President & CEO of Lutheran Sunset Ministries