A Warm Welcome

women gardening-verticalWelcome to Lutheran Sunset Ministries, where retirement living combines the best of all possible worlds! From a hilltop in the quaint town of Clifton, Texas where Sunset is perched, residents enjoy rolling views of the Bosque River Valley, the charm of small-town America, and the ease of nearby city conveniences.

Lutheran Sunset Ministries serves a close-knit community of neighbors who make up the Sunset family. Known for its peaceful and welcoming way of life, people move from near and far to experience the Sunset lifestyle.

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“It’s given me a contentment I haven’t had in many years. It’s taken a lot of the pressure that is perhaps just a part of living in a multi-million population. It’s brought back things that you remember from childhood, the way things were as far as nice slow pace, people caring for other people, people mingling easily. You pass somebody on the street, and they speak. It’s just brought me a contentment I haven’t had in a very long time.” ~ Polly, Resident from Arlington