Pot O’ Gold Thrift Store

lsm0551-450hSince opening its doors in 2001, the Pot O’ Gold Thrift Store has served as one of the primary fundraising projects of the Sunset Volunteer Auxiliary. From housewares, to linens, to men and ladies clothing, the Pot O’ Gold has something for everyone.

Through the sale of donated items, Pot O’ Gold has provided funding for numerous projects and pieces of equipment for the residents of Sunset, significantly adding to their quality of life. Pergolas and gardens lining the new nursing center that opened in 2009, and new exercise equipment for the Wm Martin Rehabilitation Center are just a couple of the improvements made possible over the years.

Lutheran Sunset Ministries is blessed to have such dedicated volunteers to provide so much needed support.

The Store is open each Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is located at 305 South Avenue Q (in the former Luckenbach Residence building).

To get more information on making donations or volunteering at Pot O’ Gold, call the Store at 254.675.3001.