“Lutheran Sunset Ministries is really built around ministry. It’s the little things we can’t do for ourselves that they do for us. They are so willing and so helpful. We’re very pleased and excited to know these folks and to have them in our life.”

Robert, Resident from a small town near Clifton

“It’s given me a contentment I haven’t had in many years. It’s taken a lot of the pressure that is perhaps just a part of living in a multi-million population. It’s brought back things that you remember from childhood, the way things were as far as nice slow pace, people caring for other people, people... Read More

Polly, Resident from Arlington

“We are very involved in the community of Clifton and the county because we don’t have a lot of responsibility at home. We don’t have a yard to take care of or a house to keep clean because they do it for us. And it’s just a real community atmosphere. The staff is very caring... Read More

“It was completely our independent decision to move here. We didn’t feel that we had to. We chose it because of the specialness of Sunset.” Judith, Resident from Dallas

“Total independence, total freedom. We leave, close the door, tell management we are gone, and we don’t have to think about it till we come back. No maintenance, no worries, nothing. Everything is taken care of for us.” R.W., Resident from Dallas

“I’m very appreciative of the philosophy that continues to evolve at Lutheran Sunset Ministries. It’s very holistic. It takes into consideration the emotional, physical and spiritual. There are ways that you can age gracefully and actively and positively, and they incorporate all those aspects.” Barbara from Lubbock, Daughter of Assisted Living Resident

“Our values at Lutheran Sunset Ministries are that we take care of the whole person. In everything we do now, we try to encourage lifelong learning with our activities and the things we challenge residents with to help them live a fuller life.” ~Rodney Rueter, President & CEO of Lutheran Sunset Ministries