Total Independence. Total Freedom.

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NEWIndependence is something we long for our entire life. From not wanting to hold our mother’s hand in the parking lot as a child, to getting in the driver’s seat as a teenager, to purchasing our first home, independence is a characteristic that does not waiver with age. Being in control of your life is important, and many seniors in Bosque County have found a way to proactively plan their future.

According to research by the AARP, approximately 90 percent of seniors intend to continue living in their current homes for the next five to 10 years. Of these individuals, 85 percent are confident in their abilities to do so without making significant modifications to their homes. Unfortunately, these seniors will likely be forced to relocate or modify their support system at some point, potentially causing much stress and uncertainty in the future. However, if the choice to move to an independent living community that provides a full continuum of care, when it is needed, is made while in good health, this stress and uncertainty can be avoided.

“It was completely our independent decision to move here,” said Judith Baker, sitting in her beautifully-decorated apartment. “We didn’t feel that we had to, we chose it. It was the specialness of Sunset that attracted us.”

Mrs. Baker and her husband, Roland, were attracted to independent living at Rainbow Retirement Community largely due to the fact that they love to travel. “Total independence and total freedom,” said Mr. Baker. “There’s no [house] maintenance, there’s no worries. There’s nothing. We don’t have to call anyone [when we are going out of town]. Everything is taken care of for us.”

Resident Sue Fielden agrees, “When you are traveling and you are away from your home, you have someone to watch over things – water your plants, water your yard, mow the yard. And living here, if we want to go somewhere, we just go! It’s even cleaned for us while we’re gone because if it’s on the schedule, it’s cleaned whether we are here or not. It’s wonderful.”

Additionally, not all couples will require the same level of support as the years pass. “My husband practiced medicine in Arlington,” said Polly Ditto. “He became disabled and I was unable to care for him at home. We decided it was best for him to move into a nursing home. Someone told me about Clifton and I was impressed with the Sunset Home. I loved it so much that I decided to move into Lutheran Sunset Ministries’ Rainbow Retirement Community, which is on the same campus as the nursing home.”

Mrs. Ditto’s close proximity to her husband allowed them to spend much-needed time together, even though they required different levels of support. “I could go to lunch with him, and very often dinner,” she said. “On the days he got very ill, I was the one who could go up to the Health Center and help with his meals. It was just a piece of mind, and we loved it. It was so much more like having him at home. He could go out and eat with me and we could spend our days together. It just made it so we could do more together. And that was a good thing in his last year.”

For many, socializing and activities are an important part of life, and most independent living communities recognize this. Whether it’s visiting the Bosque Arts Center, enjoying a glass of wine at the Red Caboose Winery, movie nights at the Cliftex Theatre or participating in planned activities through the activities department, independent living at Rainbow Retirement provides many entertaining options for an active lifestyle.

In addition to independence, Rainbow Retirement residents have complete access to the following amenities:

  • Monthly housekeeping
  • Apartment maintenance
  • Security
  • Scheduled transportation for shopping, excursions and medical appointments
  • Social, recreational, cultural and educational activities
  • Fee-for-service noon meal delivery
  • Fitness center with scheduled exercise classes
  • Onsite restaurant
  • Park-like picnic area with pergola and putting green
  • Chapel for worship and reflection
  • On-campus beauty salon and barber shop
  • Games parlor with piano
  • Library for study and leisure
  • Arts center, pharmacy and dentist offices adjacent to Sunset campus

“One of the benefits of Lutheran Sunset Ministries is that it’s located in a small town,” said Rodney Rueter, president of Lutheran Sunset Ministries. “People are able to stay independent much longer than they would in a big city. Residents can live the way they want to live.”

One of the things that set Lutheran Sunset Ministries apart from other senior living communities in Bosque and surrounding counties is the full continuum of care. “We have independent living, assisted living, long-term care, rehab, memory support, hospice and companion services,” said Mr. Rueter. “The 32-acre campus is designed as an intimate setting of neighborhoods that accommodate residents at various levels of care, helping couples to stay together longer, residents to maintain their independent for as long as possible and allow residents to gracefully move from one program to another as the need arises.”

A little planning can go a long way, and seniors in Bosque County have taken steps to ensure they have a say in their future. “We did not want our age and health to eventually interfere with our sons’ lives,” said Mrs. Fielden. “It was a wise move, and for us to be able to make that decision together – when we are both in good health – was very wise. It’s a great community, both Clifton and Lutheran Sunset Ministries. It’s a great place to live.”

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  1. Joyce Symank says

    LSM is THE place to live as our aging process dictates. We are SO very blessed to have this facility in our area and welcome those from other areas to come check it out! You’ll be glad you did!

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